Moving Into A New Home

A house move is never easy. After moving homes six times in the last 10 years, I know this far too well. The stress of moving jobs, paperwork, dealing with estate agents, packing, arranging removals etc. can be extremely overwhelming. Especially if you have pets and children thrown into the mix!

After getting married, my first move was to Hertfordshire and that was probably the easiest house move of them all. Just a few boxes of my prized possessions.

Every single move after that was stressful and time-consuming to say the least

Working a full-time job and liaising with suppliers, agents and what not, was utter chaos. Saying that, I learned a lot from the first two moves and was well prepared for all the others that followed.

I made lists of things I needed to do and timelines of when I needed to get them done by. Keeping things organised was vital to make sure everything went according to plan. Still, there were many times I wished I had an assistant. Someone who could research the areas I was moving into, get quotes, speak to suppliers, etc. Life would have been so much easier!

So, if you or anyone you know is planning a house move, don’t let them struggle alone when they could have me as an assistant! Forward my details to them and I would love to help! After all, I have moved enough times to know what I am doing!

Call me on 07825 267662 or email

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  1. Hi Bonita, I am glad I came across this and I will definitely share your number and mail Id to the one who is planning to move to a new place. Keep up the good work!!

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