Okay, granted it’s a bit too soon for the C word, but I know what it’s like when you are busy and end up leaving things till the last minute! I used to do that myself and am not ashamed to admit it.

One of the things I often help my clients with is preparing for the upcoming season of joy and laughter. Not only have you got to prepare for the all the jolly things you will be doing, you also have to sort out presents for everyone. It’s on your mind but you keep telling yourself there’s enough time between now and the actual day. Well, we know what happens when we procrastinate and leave things for later. We end up getting all flustered and panic at the very last minute. When you could be enjoying the holiday period relaxing with your friends and family or just putting your feet up.

So, what can I do to help avoid the last minute crisis? Simple! Get me to do all the research and planning.

Just send me a list of your favourite people with some description of their personality and their likes/dislikes. I then use that basic information to do an intensive search and find the right presents. I look high and low using my smart search skills and present you with all the links that you might find of interest. Believe me, it’s much easier when someone else gives you a shortlist to choose from. Instead of spending hours humming and hawing over stuff.

Once you have the shortlist, all you then have to do is place the orders! There are places such as John Lewis that can even gift wrap the items for you!! When the day comes, the only task left on your list will be to put them under your Christmas tree or give them to your loved ones. Easy!

Now, what are you waiting for? Drop me an email at bonita@prosper-va.com and lets get ready for Christmas!

It’s December and Christmas is nearly here! As I type this, it’s only 4 weeks away. Not that I’m counting or anything…

What does Christmas mean to a small business? As a new small business owner myself, I wonder what others like me are up to. There are some basic things we need to prepare ourselves for. Such as planning customer Christmas presents, last-minute work requests, staff rewards (if you have any) etc. It’s not a big list, but it sure can be overwhelming if you have a lot of customers and are doing it all alone.

brown acorn near clear long stem wine glass

Apart from all the extra work, Christmas can be a reminder of how lone working is in fact, quite lonely. Back when I worked for an employer, I was super excited about getting ready for the Christmas party, I took part in decorating the office and organising the event. It was great, a chance for everyone to get together and have a jolly good time! And make some hilarious memories to remember well into the new year. Oh, I look back at those parties fondly.

As a lone worker, things are a little different. You may get a few party invites and even go to them if you’re up for it. But, it’s not the same as getting together with a bunch of colleagues and having a good knees up, is it? Maybe this time next year I will host my first Christmas party, this year though, I am going to be spending my time working hard and enjoying the company of my fellow small business owners virtually. Wait a minute. I just had an idea of hosting a Virtual Christmas Party! I’ve heard of this before but never arranged or took part in one myself!

I know a few people who’d like to take part. I better crack on see if I can arrange everything in time!

If this is something you’d like to take part in, drop me a message at bonita@prosper-va.com! Ooh, I am excited!